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Рубрика: Философия

Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №3 (107) февраль-1 2016 г.

Дата публикации: 25.01.2016

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Фарходжонова, Н. Ф. Factors of formation spirituality of youth in the process of globalization / Н. Ф. Фарходжонова, Т. И. Исмоилов. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — № 3 (107). — С. 1119-1122. — URL: https://moluch.ru/archive/107/25335/ (дата обращения: 16.04.2021).


В статье освещены сегодня, на протяжении самых сложных процессов глобализации особенное внимание уделяется проблемам, возникших в области духовности, такие как сохранение и приумножение духовности нации и, в частности сохранения ума и сердца молодежи от воздействия различных вредные идеи и мысли.


This article devoted today, throughout the most complicated processes of globalization the especial attention is given to problems arisen in the field of spirituality, such as preservation and increase of spirituality of the nation and in particular preservation of mind and heart of youth from influence of various noxious ideas and thoughts.


The modern world is developing very quickly. In modern times, all mankind is included in a single system of socio — economic, political and other relations globalization. It is necessary to underline, that globalization for today means wide scientific, scientifically — philosophical and vital concept. Following the standard opinion these processes define formation on the one hand, economic, socially — political, naturally — biological condition of absolutely new sense, on the other hand, processes of transformation of local and regional problems in world scale problems. Globalization is, first of all, an immense acceleration of life [1]. At present, this process applies to all spheres; it is characterized by increased exchange of information. The process of globalization humanity has undergone a new threats, that is in a number of these threats, a special place is the ideological, psychological and information threats. President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, speaking of the "spiritual threat, indicates that above all, it is necessary in mind the ideological, ideal and informational threats that aim to impact on the spiritual world, regardless of their language, religion and faith, aimed against his freedom " [2]. Currently, these threats are made against many countries and Uzbekistan is no exception. Spiritual development and formation of the personality on the basis of active life position and creativity is one of the important problems of society. Formation of the spiritual education of the individual is one of the priorities in human life and society. Spirituality — a love of life, recognition of life, exaltation of life and young people come to it, filling the life of the true spirit of celebration, joy and genuine love. It includes philosophical, legal, scientific, moral and religious concepts people. On the basis of the term spirituality is the word “meaning”. “Spirituality is a great power of man, people, society, and the state. Where it does not and will be never happy” [3].

One of the major problems now is education of young generation in the spirit of national and universal values, in pride to the richest moral, to historical values, in love and fidelity to the motherland. Modern youth has sufficient maturity to understand the need for the spiritual life. The problem of youth spirituality — is not only the definition of high-level human exploration of their world, relationship to nature, to society, to other people. This is the answer to many vital questions: Who am I, what I came into this world, what is my place in it, what is the meaning of my life based on what values should I choose their way of life, to define the purpose and meaning of their activities to choose means to achieve them and evaluate their results.

The crisis experienced by our country, caused to some extent the loss of humanistic moral values, moral subordination of political and ideological interests. It is necessary to form a new outlook. And religion has considerably weakened their influence, bringing its moral requirements absolutely, that no one should be. The spiritual condition of our youth today is very fallen. There are no important moral principles, there was a lot of perverted youth cultural trends that attract pupils, students and lead them to the degradation of the mental, intellectual and spiritual. Along with such qualities as resourcefulness, creativity, efficiency, speed, life optimism is closely coexist rudeness, indifference, laziness, self-confidence.

Television, radio and the press, however, is gradually receding into the background, giving way to a more powerful opponent. World Wide Web, Internet, mass’ media — it's the name of the same "assembly" of information. After all, one of Wikipedia and social networking is not limited to the Internet. By and large, the Internet can find everything and not always useful. And no matter how much the government of any country not beat the same, say, pornography, it is full. And if you look at the younger generation, they probably know what a "sadistic" than the details of the Great Patriotic War. Of course, the Internet has its advantages, but disadvantages much more. Of special note is the social network. On the one hand, social networks — it's cool. Really, nice to meet friends that you have forgotten, correspond with classmates and former classmate. People spend hours of their time communicating in another social sphere, and not be easier to go out and talk to live there? It is safe to say that all social networks just taken the life of people. It looks like a drug, right? It is a big problem in the world.

Innovations included today in modern society, more and more developing information technologies have a material adverse effect on the spiritual development of young people, their education, on values that were formed and carefully preserved for centuries together with the creation of an enabling environment incomparable. The concept of civil society and the further deepening of democratic reforms in the country noted that the introduction of new mechanisms for the use of information resources, information technology and systems is accelerating the development of new mechanisms. As a result of large-scale works there are more number of Internet users. In January 2015, the number increased by 10 million, 200 thousand. People or about one-third of the population, the majority of users are young people [5].

The main methodological bases in education of harmoniously developed generation are stated in the book of our President Islam Karimov “High spirituality –unbreakable power”. President underlines following main principles of formation of spirituality of each person which strengthening will lead to a non-admission of ideological threats:

  1.                Spiritual heritages, cultural riches.
  2.                National traditions and values.
  3.                A scientific heritage of great ancestors.
  4.                Institutes of family and neighborhood (mahalla).
  5.                National education structure.

Implementation of these principles can develop psychological and ideological immunity in youth. Young people must understand that she has a huge potential and the power to achieve anything they want. This is possible if they can stay in silence alone. Youth is always striving for success. However, the parameters of success are variable. A couple of decades ago, it was considered that a sign of success — is to wear a lot of jewelry. Today, it is not. I evaluate the success of your smile. I believe that today, a sign of success — is not descended from the face smile, confidence in life and a sense of belonging to all around. That is what our young people should seek to develop in your life a sense of confidence, not vulnerability. These human needs — a love for man, friendship, moral and psychological support, attention to each other, compassion, empathy, sharing of ideas, co-creation, and these feelings depend only on man's inner world, it is their master, and no luck. The main thing — always believe in yourself and you will be sure to succeed.




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