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Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №2 (106) январь-2 2016 г.

Дата публикации: 13.01.2016

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Кариева М. А. Research remedies against illegal copying and cracking software // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №2. — С. 84-85. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/106/25090/ (дата обращения: 25.04.2018).


This scientific paper arising the problems from the information security software products. They also considered ways to effectively protect software manufacturers on the region.


Despite all the efforts of various organizations in recent years, continued growth of software piracy. Almost half the world is used nolinear software — these are the results of the industry association research Business Software Alliance On average, the proportion of pirated software globally was 47 %, almost half of copies of the program are to a sense stolen from the manufacturer and are deprived of its profits.

The most common form of piracy: the illegal installation of the software on multiple PCs. The annual economic impact of the IT industry from piracy worldwide was $ 59 billion.

Such an impressive amount of force to reflect on the correct choice of protection against hacking and copying software. The software product with a well-thought-out protection system achieves the desired level of sales, and for a long time kept on the market, which in turn increases profits for the manufacturer.

It is difficult to give an accurate description of the concept of «protection», as it is too broadly interpreted, and involves almost all aspects of information security.

Consider the basic requirements that can be presented to the modern system of protection:

                   Protection to be a large margin of safety. To address the high level of «pirates», able to resist their onslaught long time;

                   If possible, do not get attached to your computer hardware as a PC does not have a thing in itself, and its individual components can and should be replaced as aging;

                   If possible, do not use for the protection of expensive additional hardware devices, which only increases the cost of protection, and consequently, the final product;

                   It must be based on the original principles of protection against hacking. An indication of the criterion is the fact that the defense has not yet been hacked or compromised, but in all possible ways;

                   Do not interfere with the free copy of the protected data (to prohibit only unauthorized running, that is copied copier, but not executed);

                   Finally, the cost of protection for the developer and the buyer should be related to the cost of the program

Protection against penetration and copying can be arranged in different ways, given that the program can not be used inexpensive way to protect yourself. We know that it is absolutely reliable protection does not happen, but the system chosen must provide company-developer to handicap in time, while «Pirates» does not learn to open the product, although there are still security system, burglary which has not yet been carried out due to the complexity of calculations and blur protection.

Also, protection can be effective if it is in a constant state of development. If developers protect track hacker forums and make conclusions about the holes of their own systems. This approach can significantly extend the life of the protection system.

With the release of the software (a game or corporate) it may be that the broken version will be available on the market even before the full release (which often happens). This fate regard virtually all software products, whether they are reserved or not in a special way.

What happens? The manufacturer is deprived of their profits. If we talk about Western companies, they still get their profit from the legal sector, and piracy for them, of course noticeable, but not fatal. However, in our region, we get the complete bankruptcy, because no one will buy legitimate software, when there is the same the price considerably fewer.

What will make the effective protection of software product?

Firstly, uncrackable protection will significantly reduce prices for their own products from software manufacturers, that is, to make sure that it would not be profitable to invest in hacking software from pirates. A user would not make sense to look for a broken copy of the software.

Secondly, sustained protection allows manufacturers to guarantee the return on investment. In simple terms, if the protection is opened for 4–5 months, the manufacturer can sell enough copies of their product to cover all the costs of development and production and profit. And if a new version of the product comes in 7–8 months, commercial success can be repeated indefinitely.

In other words, an inexpensive and effective protection will help software companies in a return on investment. Also interesting is the aspect of how to manage sales, in which the possible individual approach to each client.

Another effective way to combat piracy is the economic method. This is when the price of the product is so low that can be compared to the price of broken product sold by pirates. In most cases, if the price is about the same, the buyer prefers licensed product than a pirate. Nevertheless, the economic competition with piracy, it is very heavy and is not for all software vendors. Such manufacturers (and most of them) refer to a method of software protection against hacking and illegal copying.

Good protection delivers the most trouble pirates and, ultimately, lead by software companies to the desired goal.

In conclusion we can say that piracy can be controlled in various ways. The main probably still be legitimate. That is hacking and illegal distribution of software must be properly disclosed in the relevant laws, and the state should prosecute the pirates and bring them to justice. But our country is still in a stage of development in this area and have much to do.




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